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benefits of ridesharing

There are many benefits to sharing a ride, either as a passenger or driver. spAIRseat is a service that connects passengers with drivers that have extra seats in their vehicle to help both parties save on travel costs. We are the first all vehicle pool service making long-distance travel more affordable, whether you decide to travel by land, air, or water. There are plenty of benefits to ridesharing, vs traveling by yourself.

Let’s go over a few:

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Top Ridesharing Benefits

Ridesharing has taken new heights and we’re seeing more and more people rely on rideshare services to get to where they need to go. Not only are people saving more money with ridesharing, but they’re also in it for its societal and environmental ridesharing benefits.

Here are some of them below:

Splitting Gas Costs and Additional Savings

Traveling solo means covering the bill yourself, but opening up the extra seats in your vehicle allows you to divide up the gas bill between passengers. Gas prices are skyrocketing, which means getting around is only getting more expensive, so splitting gas costs will significantly reduce the total cost of your trip.

Traveling with spAIRseat is more budget-friendly than traveling solo or commercial. The driver and passenger can negotiate the travel expenses that work for both parties, and that is guaranteed to be a lesser cost than paying for a commercial flight, inter-city bus tickets, or taking a trip by car, by yourself.

Less Stress

Traveling with spAIRseat is less of a hassle than traditional means of travel. Skip the long terminal and gate lines at the airport and have yourself a stress-free ride. Gone are the days of crying infants and getting your seat kicked on commercial transit. Traveling with spAIRseat will give you a unique travel experience without the nuances that come with regular travel.

Time is Your Friend, Traffic is Not

Ridesharing can save you time and cut the amount of time you spend in traffic. The loosening of COVID-19 restrictions has more people out of their homes and on the go, which means more jam-packed roads. When you have more people in the vehicle, it allows you to travel in the High Occupancy Lane or the HOV lane on the highway, which can greatly reduce the duration of travel.

Ridesharing also reduces the amount of congestion on the roads. There’s nothing worse than getting stuck in heavy traffic when you’re trying to get to your destination, and road congestion is decreased when people opt to share cars.

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The Environment is Also Your Friend

It’s well known that carpooling can significantly reduce the environmental impacts of travel, and that’s especially true for long-distance trips. Just imagine the reduction of gas emissions if there was one car making the trip instead of two or three.

Carpooling significantly improves the surrounding air quality and reduces congestion on the roads — It’s one of the easiest ways to help the environment.


Having company can make the journey much more exciting. Taking a long trip alone can be lonesome, boring, and make the trip seem endless. Having others on the journey with you will keep the journey lively and you might even come out of the trip with some new friendships.

Instead of just a boring ol’ ride, you can come out of the experience with memories to keep. Ridesharing can bring people from different backgrounds together for a unique travel experience. Take a look at our community of vehicle poolers!

Remember to be courteous to the driver and other passengers in the vehicle so everyone can enjoy the trip as much as you will.

ridesharing with spAIRseat

Ridesharing Benefits with spAIRseat

Becoming a spAIRseat member is easy – both passengers and drivers can sign up using a valid email address and post a short, optional description.

A short description can help other spAIRseat members know a little more about you.

Drivers looking for passengers to fill up their seats can inform spAIRseat members on our ‘Legs’ page.

All you need to do is fill in the set criteria, which includes the location of origin, destination, and how many seats are available.

Members who are also heading in that direction can reach out then both parties can work out trip details, like how expenses will be divided.

Our ‘Legs’ page is where members can find all the trips currently available on spAIRseat.

If you’re someone looking for a seat, post that you’re looking for a ride. Make sure you include details like where you’re coming from, where you need to go, and when.

A driver with a spare seat can then reach out if they are headed in the same direction and finalize the attributes of the trip.

Travel spAIRseat Style

spAIRseat is the first all vehicle pool service connecting all types of vehicle operators and passengers to make long-distance travel more affordable. Not only do we want to help you save money, but we also want to give you an unforgettable and stress-free travel experience.

Reap the benefits of ridesharing – plan your next trip and sign up with spAIRseat today and never have a boring or stressful trip again!