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Adventure and an open road, that’s what you can expect when taking your next road trip with spAIRseat. spAIRseat is the first all-vehicle pool service that aims to put passengers and drivers in contact for sharing a car (or any vehicle for that matter) for long-distance or short-distance travel. 

If you have an available seat or are looking for one for your next trip, spAIRseat is the place for you! spAIRseat vehicle pooling is the ultimate way to save money while having unique travel experiences. Sign up today!

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Benefits of Sharing a Car

We understand that traveling alone can be stressful, lonely, and expensive. 

Luckily, sharing a car with spAIRseat has numerous socio-economic benefits for both the passenger and driver. And when we mean sharing a car, we don’t mean take our car for however long; we mean if you’re going on a trip or traveling, why not share your ride, your expenses, an extra seat?

Here are some examples below:

Split Gas Costs

Ridesharing is the easiest way to save money on the exact same trip you were going to make.

Opting to carpool for your trip will reduce the amount of money you spend filling up the tank. Instead of shouldering the bill completely, expenses are split evenly among all passengers. 

Save Time

When you carpool, you can drive in the HOV (high occupancy vehicle) lane.

HOV lanes are designed to minimize congestion on highways — using this lane will significantly reduce the time spent in traffic and the overall duration of the trip, helping you arrive at your destination quicker.

Companionship and Reduce Stress

Traveling long distances by yourself can make the journey seem ten times longer than it actually is. Having others in the vehicle with you can help you stay awake if you are the driver. Additionally, having others in the vehicle can make the ride more enjoyable because it’ll allow passengers to socialize.

Help the Environment

When you share a ride with spAIRseat, there are fewer cars on the road which reduces greenhouse gas emissions and improves the air quality. Ridesharing will greatly reduce the carbon footprint of your trip compared to traveling alone.

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Road Trip Etiquette 

When carpooling with other riders, it’s important to respect every member of our spAIRseat community. Following these guidelines will ensure a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable ride for everyone in the vehicle.

Here are some basic road trip rules and guidelines that should be discussed by the driver and passenger before the trip as they’ll vary for each member.

  • Use the bathroom every time you stop for gas or food. Using the restroom every chance you get will prevent any unnecessary stops or delays. 
  • Try to stay awake. Keeping the driver company can help keep them awake and make the ride more enjoyable and less of a chore.
  • Respect the car. Make sure to ask the driver whether they have certain rules regarding the vehicle such as eating and drinking, or smoking. Make sure you follow these rules as a courtesy to the driver.
  • Be mindful of your noise level. To ensure a relaxing ride for you, the driver, and other passengers, limit the amount of noise you make… this includes phone calls, loud music, singing, or talking.
  • Shower and bathe beforehand. Good hygiene makes for a better trip. You’ll be in a small enclosed space for a long period, for your comfort and the comfort of others in the vehicle, make sure you shower and bathe before the trip.
  • Check for allergies. If you are packing food with you, ask others in the pool if they have any allergies. This is an additional, but important measure to take to ensure the safety of all passengers. 

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How It Works


To sign up, head to our website and enter a username and valid email address. Introduce yourself to the spAIRseat community and complete an optional profile.

Post Legs 

Post ‘legs’ using our set criteria. You need to state the origin and destination, the date you plan on making this trip, and any other additional details.

Find Seats

If you’re hoping to find a spare seat, click on our ‘legs’ page where you’ll find all the trips available. Passengers can reach out to drivers to further discuss details about the trip. 

Travel with the spAIRseat Community

Ride-sharing is easier than ever with spAIRseat, whether you’re a passenger or looking to fill a seat in your car, we’ve created a reliable service that allows both sides to save on travel expenses. We are different from your typical rideshare companies as we are the first all-vehicle pool service.

Land, water, or air… there’s always a spAIRseat.