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It’s safe to say almost everybody has probably had that romantic idea of setting off on an indefinite vacation with your best friend, close family member, or soul mate. Although this is an incredibly fantastic way to travel, whether you’re traveling with a close lover, colleague, friend of a friend, or even a random person you barely know or just met, you’re sure to find that traveling with a companion is great! Perhaps you’ve even searched Google for, “travel companion wanted.” We get it – it makes the trip worthwhile.

Yes, traveling with a companion does have its disadvantages, but these are definitely outweighed by its advantages. Nobody can deny that having a travel companion makes a trip so much better, for so many reasons!

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Advantages of Having a Travel Companion

Let’s assume that you can get along with your travel companion. When you’re making a post along the lines of “Travel Companion Wanted”, you’ll definitely want to make sure you can at least tolerate your travel companion!

Assuming that you’ve passed the most basic test, let’s get to talking about the benefits of having a travel companion.

Less Expensive

This is one of the biggest reasons why people look for an additional travel companion: the price!

You’re able to share gas, split the cost of hotel bills by staying in the same room, and maybe even buy one dinner and share it together.

The longer trips you’re going on, the more you can possibly save by including one or more travel companions. It’s important to know their approach to spending on travel expenses so that you can make sure you’re compatible on this topic and avoid any uncomfortable conversations.

More Convenient

There are many reasons why having a travel companion is convenient for you.

You have a built-in buddy that you can probably talk into carrying some of your gear (which is great for girls!).

You also have an automatic photo-taker, which can be great if you feel uncomfortable going up to strangers to ask them to take any photos.

Lastly, if you’re on something like a road trip, it’s really convenient to be able to split the driving time, especially if you’ve had a bad night’s sleep or are too tired to drive.

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Much Safer and Less Stressful

There are many different situations that having a travel companion can make safer.

For instance, it’s really easy to ask somebody to watch your backpack or luggage while you run to the restroom.

It’s also another brain and set of eyes that can help you out, whether you’re lost and can’t find your way back home, or if you feel like you’re in a potentially dangerous situation.

If you’re traveling somewhere that’s known for having lots of tourist traps and scammers or is generally a less safe area than you’re used to, having somebody by your side can really help you feel more comfortable.

Additionally, having somebody else who can help with planning and logistics, which anybody who travels knows can be a real pain in the neck to deal with, can really help lower your stress levels.


As great as solo travel can be, sometimes it can get really lonely.

Having a travel companion by your side can really help alleviate those feelings of loneliness. This is especially important for anybody who can get homesick easily, is naturally extroverted, or is an inexperienced traveler.

Oftentimes, the feeling of loneliness can sneak up on you out of nowhere, especially when you realize you’re really far from home in a completely random place.

At these moments, even just the presence of a travel companion will make you feel more secure and settled, even if you still miss your family and friends.

More Fun

This might be the most convincing reason to have a travel companion!

Having a travel companion lets you share the beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime experiences you get from traveling with somebody else.

It can also be really interesting to see how other people can experience things, and how they’re similar and different from your experiences.

A travel companion is not only a built-in friend but is also a great resource to vent to or cry to if/when you get frustrated on your travels!

As you can see, there are many advantages to having a travel companion. The list we have made above is in no way an exhaustive list but is just a few of the reasons why having a travel companion is worth it.

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How Should I Find a Travel Companion?

Let’s say you’re in the position of posting for a travel companion wanted.

It may be daunting to find a travel companion – where do I go to find one? How do I post? Should I simply say, “travel companion wanted”? What about travel etiquette? How can I be sure that I will feel safe and enjoy traveling with this person?

SpAIRseat is trying to solve this problem by creating a secure platform for verified people to share rides with each other.

Here’s an example of a pretty basic, straightforward posting you can make:

Subject: Travel Companion Wanted: Los Angeles to Chicago

Body: Hi all, I’m going to be driving from Los Angeles to Chicago next week to visit my family. If anybody’s interested in joining me for a portion or all of the drive, I’d love the company and to be able to split gas money! I’m a relaxed, easy-going person who likes alternative and classic rock music. Let me know if you’re interested

SpAIRseat: Revolutionizing Ridesharing/Vehicle Pooling

Here’s how SpAIRseat works:

1: All you have to do is sign up and make a profile.

2a: If you’re going somewhere and have extra seats, simply post the legs of your journey. Other members can then search for available legs and message you to set everything up.

2b: If you’re looking for seats, you can look for available seats that other members have posted. Then, just reach out and message them to get the ball rolling

3: Take your ride. Learn how to be a good carpooling companion, and enjoy your ride on spAIRseat!

If you’re interested in joining the spAIRseat pooling community, sign up here today!